11 июля 2018 г.

How to pass 70-703(Beta) Exam? I passed it with 752 points of 1000. It was really hard...

Hello friends!
Finally MS & PearsonVue published the score reports of 70-703 Beta exam, it's no longer in beta, so you can easily schedule it via Internet.
Fortunately for me the price of this exam was only 16 USD.
But in another hand, if you are taking any beta exam you will have to wait 1.5-2 months efore you will get the result. Imagine that if you failed it :(
Well let's see my experience on this exam:
1. it was really hard
2. Many PowerShell questions
3. Many MS Intune questions
4. NO STUDY CASES! As I remember, I didn't face any of them. Something like: You are administrator at Contoso.com Inc. You have these requirements etc.
5. Exam is divided into parts, once you have finished one part, you will not be able to return to previous questions! So, if you are on the exam, answer each question accurate and be sure that your answer is correct
6. Learn OSD part as much as possible.
Tips for the exam:
1. Build your own lab or use MS VirtLabs and play with SCCM, Intune, MS Azure AD.
Review the exam page, questions domain on each of the section try to solve that question during playing the lab.
2. as I can feel it, you need at least 1-2 years of work experience with a SCCM for this exam, maybe I'm wrong.
3. Review MS MVA courses, there are many courses about SCCM 2012 and newer versions.
4. Get dirty hands on managing applications via SCCM, deploying, replacing, superseding 
5. Again try to build your own lab, this will give you an overview of deploying SCCM Primary site or even CAS site if you have enough resources for it
6. Play, Play Play with SCCM every day at least for 1-2 months, schedule the exam take it and pray.
Since the exam is no longer in beta, you will receive the scorereport immediately.
I wish you a GOOD LUCK on your exam and hope you will pass it!

2 марта 2018 г.

Backup files via PowerShell

In some cases we need  to perform urgent files backup from remote machine or server.
How we can achieve it? Well the first thing which is coming to my mind robocopy or xcopy..., ok but what if the some user is logged on and files are opened?
By combining some tools:
We can do a much more fun with a backups, in this example we are assuming, that you already configured WinRS via GPO.
Take a look: